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The History of Poker

The history of poker is undoubtedly fascinating. Poker is one of the most popular online casino card games in the gambling industry. It intrigues players from Las Vegas all the way to Macau every day. The history of poker reveals that online poker with online slots machines games is being played by millions of casino lovers all over the world. In recent years online and video poker has grown in prominence with big money tournaments also garnering a lot of media attention. This is the modern history of poker, but where did it all begin?

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Poker History in Brief

Here’s a brief run down of the key elements and moments in poker history:

  • Ancient Chinese Emperors play a poker variant in the 10th century.
  • Persians begin to play ‘As Nas’ in the 16th century
  • The game of Poque, transported from France to colonial America.
  • Poque eventually becomes Poker through mistranslation
  • Returns to Europe in 1871 when Queen Victoria enquires about the game
  • Poker is popularised during WW1 by American soldiers playing in Britain.
  • Birth of Las Vegas and the growth of Poker
  • Multi million dollar poker tournaments sweep Las Vegas
  • Online Poker gains huge prominence in the gambling industry

Where did Poker Originate?

There are many arguments surrounding the history of poker. Many historians claiming that they know their poker history from their poker folklore. Similar games to our standard 5 card poker were said to plaid by an Ancient Chinese Emperor in the 10th century. Others suggest it dates back to the 16th century Persian game named ‘As Nas’.

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However, these were merely domino and ancient manifestations of the game we formerly known as Poque. Poque was a popular card game played in casinos around France in the 17th century as well as in Germany. Like many things that crossed the Atlantic when searching for the new world and the early years of America they got assimilated into the culture.


The great influx of immigrants and French colonials brought poque to the settlements and saloons of Louisiana and New Orleans. These states became part of the USA following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Again, the mixture of many European accents, dialects and Chinese whispers meant that the game known as poque would eventually be mistranslated as poker. And eventually in 1834 a 52 card was added to the game.


Like wildfire and parallel to the American expansion west casinos and card games were taking off fast. In the west we had the gold rush and the donna family. Across the great plains there was the buffalos and the trappers. And, in the east, New York was growing as a prosperous city port. During the last 30 to 40 years of the 19th century America was growing significantly. And with it came the emergence of European culture and casino games such as poker.

20th century Poker Domination

By the time Poker had found its way back to Europe in the 1870s it was an ageing card game mostly associated with America. The outbreak of WW1 in the early 1900s led to an influx of American soldiers frequenting English pubs playing the game. And thus increasing the popularity of the game. Gradually, more and more poker variants began to come to prominence. And as trends changed so did the variants that people preferred.

Whether it was Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, or Five Card draw every casino player has their favourite variant. Which is why poker has grown to become one of the widest played best casino games in the world.

Las Vegas Poker Scene

The Las Vegas strip and its casinos are renowned for their large-scale, big money poker tournaments. Often with very high-profile competitors playing at the table. The likes of Dan Bilzerian and Victoria Coren Mitchell became prominent poker players. Although the poker rooms of Las Vegas still attract millions of people each and every year, poker has gone online with the 21st century poker history being framed by its online presence.

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Online Poker and Casino

Online poker like many other casino genres has became a prominent market. A game that allows new demographics to get involved in the industry. But does online poker match up to the exhilaration created in a live Las Vegas poker room? Whenever casino players are playing an online system they are always sceptical about the swing of the odds. And whether they’re getting a fair game. Until this change nobody will ever really be sure about the success of online poker. But it is certainly a huge area of the gambling industry.

Live online poker tournaments

Live online poker tournaments are the perfect mixture of online and land based poker creating a virtual online space allowing you to see other players in real time and experience an authentic casino experience. Many online poker players have developed skills to play multiple games of online poker at once. However, with the emergence of online poker it means the game is much more accessible to new demographics and problem gamblers.


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